Your cars exterior not only should glow in luster but also, all mechanicals must function to optimum standards. A well balanced motor, silky smooth gear box and tight suspension rewards you with the ultimate driving feel of your vintage classic PORSCHE. Our mechanicals include engine, transmission, electrical, suspension, exhaust, plating, wheels, carburetors and MFI systems.


Our full rebuilt motors are done to exact specification. Additionally, we provide custom engine rebuilds for those clients wanting the “hotrod” feel. We have the ability to dynamometer and blue print our engine builds. 

We provide period correct carburetor restorations for the SWB (Short Wheelbase) 911s from 1966 through 1968. Our mechanical refurbishment services include: 

  • Full restorations
  •  Throttle shaft re-bushing
  • Performance modifications
  • Enlarging throttle bore diameters

Each project is tailored to the customer's personal goals and every carburetor is bench set followed by tuning on our dedicated test engine to assure "ready-to-run" performance.



A well finished chroming or plating job is like wearing those fine leather Allen Edmonds shoes, it complete the ensemble and makes everything else look stunning. You will get a show finish on your hardware. We take great care in protecting your fully restored hardware during assembly.




We can’t stress enough the importance of safe and proper electrical continuity via your cars electrical system. Old original wiring harnesses get stiff and brittle, cracking and exposing bare wire.


During our restorations, every wiring loom and connection is inspected and either repaired or ordered new from PORSCHE. From your cars seats, you smile every time you glaze your eyes over a fully restored set of instrument gauges.


Porsche electrical tail light.JPG
porsche electrical lights
porsche electrical system


A tired and worn out suspension makes for a sloppy ride, taking away from the true Porsche driving experience. We go though every moving part of the suspension, verifying that tolerances are met.


We collaborate with top leading suspension entities to assure only the very best of parts and hardware for your classic 911, 356 or modified suspension. Original suspension parts are media blasted and powder coated back to proper thickness and color. We restore original hardware where possible. Your car will not be returned until test driven as many times as needed to achieve the ultimate fast responding suspension and, proper stance. We are dedicated to giving you back the true Porsche driving experience your car came with from the factory.




“No other alloy wheel suits a Porsche 911 like the classic lightweight Fuch forged alloy rim.”

– Harvey Weidman


I could not agree more with Harvey. A complete PORSCHE restoration is never complete unless the wheels look as good as our paint finishes.